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Belgium Earns Its Best World Cup Finish Beating England for Third Place by THE A…

Belgium Earns Its Best World Cup Finish Beating England for Third Place by THE ASSOCIATED PRESS

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Leo Messi made $71 million last year alone Lionel Messi is the highest-paid soc…

Leo Messi made $71 million last year alone

Lionel Messi is the highest-paid soccer player in the world and it’s not even close

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There are 14 #WCQ games in Asia today (all times local KO), Follow them here:

There are 14 #WCQ games in Asia today (all times local KO),
Follow them here:

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Top African Countries and Their National Football Team Nicknames

Most of the 55 national football teams affiliated to the Confederation of Africa Football have one alternate nickname or the other, by which they are known world-wide. The fans of a particular national team, are drawn closer to their darling team through the names they are called.

The Super Eagles of Nigeria

The Eagle bird is one of the strongest birds in the world, with the ability to fly over storms and other obstacles. The sterling qualities of this powerful bird necessitated the adoption of the name by the Nigeria Football Association.

The Indomitable Lions of Cameroon

The Lion is one of the most powerful and fearless animals in the jungle. This same mentality has been adopted by the Cameroonian National senior team on the field of play over the past two decades. The name has an intimidating effect on opponents.

The Stallions of Burkina Faso

The Stallion is a powerful horse that has speed as its major asset. It is tireless, strong and dependable. These qualities are apparent in the Burkinabe National team whenever they take to the field of play.

The Elephants of Cote d’ Ivoire

The Elephant is the biggest and most intimidating animal on the face of the earth with a huge structure that can create panic and fear among other smaller creatures. The name has worked some magic in the Ivorian team as they qualified for the 2006 and 2010 FIFA World Cup in style.

The Scorpions of Gambia

Gambia football has been on the steady rise over the past five years with the emergence of the U-17 team as African Champions. Their senior national team has also not done badly. This can be traced to the name of the team- The Scorpions, which stands for poison. Though small, the scorpion carries one of the most deadly venom in the world. It can kill its victim within minutes of being stung.

Atlas Lions of Morocco

The lion is once again adopted as a symbol of the Moroccan national football team. It represents strength, boldness and power.

The Black Stars of Ghana

The Star is a symbol of Light and it radiates power. The Ghanaian Football Association like so many Association thought it wise to name the senior national team in accordance to this powerful creation.

The Lions of Teranga

This is the official name of the Senegalese national football team. Once again the Lion is used to illustrate power, strength and boldness. The Senegalese team stunned the world when the got to the Quarter finals at the 2002 World Cup co-hosted by Korea-Japan.

The Carthage Eagles of Tunisia

Tunisia has enjoyed tremendous success in African football over the years. The national football team adopted the Eagle as a symbol of their collective strength, power and vision.

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Belgium eliminate Brazil and reach semi-finals

Belgium eliminate Brazil and reach semi-finals

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Russia’s most-capped player Sergey Ignashevich has retired following his side’s …

Russia’s most-capped player Sergey Ignashevich has retired following his side’s quarter-final exit. The 38-year-old defender earned 127 caps and scored nine goals for his country during a 16-year international career. 🇷🇺🙌

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Learn More About the Prominent Football Players of All Time

Though there are a large number of sports that find their way to the hottest class, it’s Soccer that causes the greatest adrenaline rush. The game has numerous legendary players to its credit. Nevertheless, there are a few that are renowned the world over for their unfathomable sportsman spirit and some of the very best game skills which they have put up. Here is taking a glance at some of the very best football player of all times.

When it comes to football player’s one name which you cannot manage to avoid at all is Diego Armando Maradona. He is one of the best soccer players in the entire world. He is the one who helped bag the world cup trophy for Argentina in the year 1986. Maradona is stated to have the finest World Cup Goal to his credit till date. Argentina triumphed over England soccer team, with a striking goal of Maradona which he pursued single handedly right from the halfway line to finishing score. This goal is still popularly known as as the ‘goal of the century’ by FIFA. In the same game itself he bagged yet another goal to his credit as recognized and renowned as ‘hand of the god’ goal.

Edson Arantes do Nascimento is another well-known soccer player of all times. Commonly addressed as Pele, this healthy and fit soccer player is said to have unequalled gaming skills required for winning championships. With 500 goals to his credit, Pele has helped bring home 3 world cups for his country- Brazil. He is one of the very few young World Cup winning football players. In fact Pele brought laurels to the country by winning world cup at young age of 17.

Adding to the long list of best soccer players is another name-Johan Cryuff. He is 1 of the skilled British football players of his times. He is well known for his mastery and expertise in gaming techniques of balance and dribbling. It is thus no surprise that even accomplished defenders found it impossible to stop him from striking a goal. However, the career of this legendary player faced a downhill in its later stages when he was trapped in problems like gambling, womanizing, alcoholism and many more.

Yet another well known football player of all times is Zinedine Zidane. This player is said to be 1 of the most talented soccer players of his generation. He played a big role in making France win the world Cup in 1998. Furthermore, he contributed to the victory of France in European championship of 2000. He has been awarded with the title of European Footballer of the Year in 1998. To top it all, he was the indisputable winner of the title- FIFA World Footballer of the Year, thrice in 1998, 2000 and 2003.

There are a lot of soccer players who’ll make a mark and then fade away in oblivion. However, the aforementioned ones will continue to stay etched in memory of one and all.