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Do You Know The Benefits of Custom Team Shirts?

Custom team shirts are ideal for any team, from company employees to sporting and school teams. These shirts have your own unique design and brand, which makes them noticeable as your shirts. They are a fabulous marketing tool that can generate a lot of interest in your local area and make a statement.

The first benefit of custom team shirts is that they help to establish your identity. Every time someone sees one of your team members in their branded and uniquely designed shirts, they will know who you are. This boosts brand visibility in your local area and ensures that your team are easily identifiable to clients whether they are shopping in your store or having a meal in your restaurant.

Your team will promote a professional image at all times. Having staff that wear what they want to work, their own wardrobe, will have clients wondering who works for you and who is making use of your services. You want your team to look professional at all times and everyone’s wardrobes are different. This can also cause animosity between staff members as some may have access to the latest fashions and leading brands, which can leave some team members feeling inferior. With everyone in the same custom team shirts, the risk of this happening is eliminated as everyone is on an even foot.

The custom team shirts your team wears will attract attention. Whether they are catching the bus home or they are arriving at a sporting match against another team, their matching team shirts are guaranteed to catch the attention of passers by and provide you with the opportunity to identify who they are and boost your brand in the process.

A great benefit to the custom team shirts is that they make your business or your team identifiable. Your team look professional, they are dressed in the same way and they are promoting a reputable brand, therefore it can help you attract new talent. If you are looking for new team members for your company or sporting team, applicants will remember your company name and think of it as professional, increasing their desire to apply.

What you will find is that custom team shirts are an affordable marketing tool. Designing and purchasing the team shirts is not as expensive as you may think and will probably work easily into your set budget. This is an affordable marketing solution for your business, it can help you increase visibility within your local area, ensuring people recognise your business and what you do.

Further, you will find that these custom team shirts do not take a long time to be delivered. If you choose a manufacturer and buy directly without the middle man, you will find that you will save valuable time. Most manufacturers can manufacture your shirts as per your design and size specifications within two weeks. You want to always ensure you are provided a fast turnaround as this is one of the many benefits of these shirts.

You will always have complete design flexibility when it comes to your custom team shirts. Don’t think because you aren’t a fashion designer that you cannot decide what you want to have on your shirts and how the design should be laid out. You will always remain in control of your design to ensure it is exactly as you imagined it.

Finally, you will find that you will have access to a wide range of shirts to choose from to ensure that the style you choose blends in with your professional image.

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The Life of Goalkeeper Gloves

All goalkeeper gloves wear and tear, none really last longer than the other. I used to go though around 2 to 3 pairs a month and when you’re paying £50 a pair, that’s a lot of money.

My advice is to find a mid range well priced glove as I’m yet to find a long lasting goalkeeper glove. I’ve found all the £30 gloves last as long as the £50+, the j4k gloves are priced at mid range and the gloves are the same or even better than the leading brands, plus there cheaper

Why buy 1 glove for £60 when you can by 2 for £60 and there just the same?

How to wash your goalkeeper gloves

With goalkeeping gloves costing as much as boots now a lot of people ask me how do I look after them so they last longer.

All gloves wear and tear but by keeping gloves clean and damp will add more life in the gloves.

A lot of keepers will play and just chuck their gloves into their kits bag come rain or shine; this will not help the life of the glove.

This is how to clean your gloves, soak them in warm water with a pea size drop of washing up liquid (this will bring dirt and mud to the surface) after a good soak say 1 hour min, massage or rub the palms and back hands to get rid of the dirt. Once the gloves are looking clean rinse them under more warm water or in a new bucket of warm water, ring them out so they are as dry as possible. Then leave the gloves to dry (good place is bath room), gloves should always have a damp palm.

Glove cleaning NO NO!

NO, washing machine, airing cupboard, radiators, hair dryer, scrubbing brush.

Just wash with warm water and dry naturally.

A lot of goalkeepers make the same MASSIVE mistake and buy a pair of gloves, just because their favourite professional goalkeeper wears them. Please do not do this, because you are most probably buying a glove that is not suitable for your hand shape.

The different Goalkeeper Gloves/Palms you can choose from.

Roll Finger Goalkeeper Gloves/Palm

The Roll Finger Glove is probably the most popular glove palm for professional goalkeepers and this type of palm is suitable for goalkeepers with thin, slender hands or fingers.

Negative Cut Goalkeeper Gloves/Palm

Negative Cut gloves are generally suitable for goalkeepers with broad hands and or fingers.

Flat Palm Goalkeeper Gloves/Palm

Flat palms gloves, like Negative Cut goalkeeper gloves are generally suitable for goalkeepers with broad hands and or fingers.

Hybrid Cut Palm Goalkeeper Gloves/Palm

Hybrid Cut is normally when the little finger and index finger of the glove is a Roll Finger and the middle two fingers are Negative Cut or Flat Palm. This is normally for keepers who have irregular shaped hands or fingers.

Now the above is just a rule of thumb, and to be honest the only way you will ever know what goalkeeper glove palm is right for your hand, is to not try them on.

Important: When you try on a pair of keeper gloves on, you must feel 200% confident in how they feel on you, if you have any doubt that they do not fit right, or feel uncomfortable DO NOT buy because this glove palm shape is not suitable for your hand.

So try and pick a glove that feels natural and comfortable when it’s on your hand.

Hope this helps your goalkeeper gloves.

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Tips on Starting a Football Shirt Collection

Everyone knows what it feels like to see an article of clothing that, all of a sudden, he or she just has to have. Sometimes, this may even happen on a daily basis, concerning shirts that all look very similar. This phenomenon can take over absolutely anyone, and nothing could be more satisfying than succumbing to it. It may affect all sorts of fans who follow various forms of entertainment religiously, but that doesn’t necessarily make it a bad thing. Collecting things is a common, but unique hobby, because it will always yield different results for each person. No one person is simply following a trend when they decide to collect things. That is why starting a football shirt collection is not looked down upon by others!

Why do people collect football shirts, of all things? Anyone not the least bit interested in the sport shouldn’t even bother in the first place, but every football enthusiast has at least wanted either one shirt, or a thousand of them. Football shirts are part of the staple dress code when watching a game, especially if it’s a big one involving well-known teams. There are a select number of dedicated football fans that make it a mission to collect as many different types of shirts as they can, and anyone can easily become one of them. For those that do become collectors, they have to be sure to think hard before deciding to go out and buy those shirts.

Football shirts come in many styles, having evolved over time. The very first jerseys worn were made of heavy fibers, and therefore were very thick. Later on, synthetic fabrics became widely used, and the collar was removed and replaced with a v-neck. Those are the most common shirts worn by teams today. They do not trap sweat like other sports shirts, but they are comfortable and do not hinder movement in any way. The world’s most popular football teams and leagues wear football shirts that display at least four things:

– Team color

– Team logo

– Player name

– Player number

Sponsors’ logos are also sometimes added, but football shirts that can be bought by fans are often similar replicas without signs of any sponsors.

One can decide if their football shirt collection will be one of every team and every player, or they may focus on collecting the jerseys of the teams in one league. It is common for people to concentrate on only one team as well, by buying shirts of each player. This practice is also usually used for when a fan wants their shirts autographed. In the end, it is ultimately up to the collector to determine his or her own reason for starting a collection.

The important thing to remember is that a collection is valuable and should be treated as such. Shirts should always be kept clean, and anyone handling them should never damage them. A football shirt collection in perfect condition is one that can be cherished for a lifetime.

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