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So What Makes Belleville Combat Boots the Best?

What Makes Belleville Combat Boots the Best?

Originally, Bellville Combat Boots opened as a small shoe manufacturing company. During the establishment of the Belleville Shoe in 1904, fifty employees worked out of the Belleville, Illinois company location. On average, their workforce made between 50 to 75 shoes each day.

Belleville Shoe Company: Rapid Expansions Growth

Within a few years of opening, Belleville Shoe expanded their men’s and boys’ shoe production across the country. However, the company did not begin Belleville Military Boots sales until World War I. In 1917, they received their first order of Belleville Combat Boots.

Following the military’s first order, Belleville continued to foster the company’s growth towards becoming a future enterprise. Since then, the company their first order, the company quickly began building on their future enterprise. It did not take long before the initially small Belleville Military Boots manufacturer grew larger in presence for their simplistic yet advanced footwear.

Revolutionary Success: Belleville Military Boots

Since their inception, people have highly regarded Belleville Combat Boots for their sophisticated design and high quality. Although, Belleville Military Boots have been fortunate enough to have a long history of success, the Belleville Shoe Company has endured their share of troubles as well. This especially was the case in the 1930’s.

Even so, Belleville Combat Boots have survived many economic hardships due to their capacity to adapt with the changing economy. For instance, throughout much of the thirties Belleville Military Boots marketing shifted to social service agencies in Chicago. Primarily, they did this since the agency gave the shoes to the destitute victims of the Depression.

Honorary Distinction: Customer Service, Quality, and Delivery

The production of Belleville Combat Boots once again resumed during WWII. After impressing the War department with their timely delivery and quality products, Belleville Shoe received honorary Army-Navy recognition in 1945. Out of ninety combat boot manufacturers, they were among the five few to receive this honorary distinction.

Ever since, Bellville Military Boots has continued to receive some type of honorary recognition from the government for their quality and performance. Throughout the fifties and sixties, the company decided to expand their line of products beyond just Belleville Combat Boots to include Rawlings athletic shoes.

Under the Rawlings name, they began producing shoes such as baseball, golf, bowling, football, track, and soccer. One of their best customers was Great Stan Musial. Typically, he would go through six to seven pairs of shoes in a season.

Belleville Combat Boots: New Beginnings

During the seventies, Belleville Shoe turned their attention mainly to the production of Belleville Combat Boots. However, the company continued making shoes other than Belleville Military Boots for civilians and other varied uses. In 1986, the company decided to move from its second home found in the 77-year-old main street building.

From there, they moved to the east of the town in Belleville Valley Industrial Park, which is now their current location. Years later, company officials acquired the Dewitt Arkansas shuttered shoe factory in 2002. Eventually, this led to the smaller manufacturing company under the name of Belleville Shoe South.

Belleville Combat Boots: Guarantee and Quality Construction

All of the Belleville Combat Boots comes with a top quality guarantee. This assures customers that if they are not happy with their boots in any way then they can return their unused purchase within 30 days for a full refund. On the other hand, if one of their boots is found to have a defect in its workmanship or materials within a year following the date of purchase then Belleville will repair or replace the boots.

The construction of Belleville Combat Boots gives people the comfort of running shoes, yet the appearance of a boot. Every day, Belleville works on perfecting the quality of their products while continuing to expand on their presence within the military market. Furthermore, they work on meeting the customer’s needs, as well as their expectations.

Although many find the Belleville Combat Boots as comfortable and durable, they continue to work on expanding on the current Vanguard cushioning. Vanguard helps to distribute the heel to toe impact with a thick polyurethane cushion, which results in optimal cushioning and tread durability.

Mera Max is one of the newest additions to the Belleville combat Boots sole systems. Currently, Meramec manufacturers the Mera Max line of soles, which offer a large amount of durability, abrasion resistance, in addition to oil resistance, shock absorbency, and slip resistance. Furthermore, they perform superior to others in cold weather, while having a strong midsole to upper bone, along with self-cleaning and traction.

Belleville Combat Boots: Today

Today, the once small Belleville Shoe Company has grown to become a solid competitor in the current shoe industry. Throughout the years, Belleville Military Boots have sustained the unpredictable weather of time. All the while, they have not only continued to combat the relentless vicissitudes of time, but rather evolved to become one of the largest footwear giants in the nation. Furthermore, Belleville Combat Boots are now the largest suppliers for the military and referred to by most as ‘Bellevilles’. You can view this entire line at flagship dealers as American Equipage. For all military gear this footwear provides the foundation.

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The Rules of Rugby

The game of Rugby, has had its rules changed and evolved so many times through out the years that it now is very different from what it started out as but if you do decide to come out and ever watch a game of Rugby you will be wondering what the hell is going on…so here are the basics of Rugby.

Rugby is a game played in 2, 40 minute halves, with a 10 minute halftime break. Each team has 15 players and is allowed 7 substitutes. The positions are as follows:

* 2 Props

* Hooker

* 2 Lockers

* 2 Flankers

* 8th Man

* Scrum-half

* Fly-half

* 2 Side Wings

* 2 Centers

* Fullback

The field that rugby is played on is called the Pitch. It is a grassy field 70 meters wide by 100 meters long and separated equally into two equal halves by a white line.

Scoring is done in one of 5 ways.

* Try

When a player touches the ball to the ground in the opponents in-goal area his team is awarded 5 points.

* Penalty Try

A player can attempt a penalty when a player would have scored a Try but was stopped by an opponents penalty. This is worth 5 points.

* Conversion Goal

Conversion goal is attempted after a team scores a Try, a conversion goal is worth 2 points.

* Penalty

Whenever a penalty is called the team who the penalty was called on gets to try for a penalty kick. If the kick is made that team gets 3 points.

* Dropped Goal

A dropped goal is when a players runs the ball back after a drop kick during the games general play.

General Game Play

Just like in American Football rugby starts off with kick off which is referred to as a drop kick.

Unlike American football however, their are no downs, no 10 yards to get, the game is continuous. The play does not stop when the ball hits the ground it is fair game. passing is allowed but it must either be done laterally or backwards, forward passing is not allowed. However any player may kick the ball at any time, and once the ball has been kicked it is up for grabs from either side. players often use this method to get the ball down field to team mates. Players may also run the ball until 1 of 2 things happen either they are tackled or they step out of bounds.

When a player steps out of bounds it is brought back into play by a method called “line out”, both teams line up 1 meter from each other in parallel lines and a player from the side that didn’t put the ball out of play throws it in a straight line between the two teams.

When a player is tackled the other method of bringing the ball back into play is called “scrum”, this is done by each team forming a tunnel and the ball is placed in between them, each side must battle for the ball against the other teams line until a player is able to push the ball backwards with his feet to his teammates behind him in the “tunnel”. If you’ve been thinking this sounds a lot like American football, well it is, it was the forerunner to the American Football’s “line of scrimmage”.

And thats it, the basics of rugby, so go out there and play!!

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Messi 10 Zhong Hong 2018 FIFA world cup . . . . #fifaworldcup2018 #fifaworl…

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Interesting Facts About Europe’s Sports

Did you know…

Stella Walsh -Olympic champion- was not a sportswoman. Five decades later, an autopsy confirmed that Stella was a hermaphrodite. Under the flag of Poland, Stella (or Stanislawa Walasiewicz) won a gold medal in the women’s 100m at the 1932 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles (USA). In the 1920s and 1930s, she lived and trained in Cleveland (Ohio, USA), but competed for Poland.Walsh won more than 1,000 championships (100m, 200m, 4x100m, 80m hurdles, long jump, discus throw, shot put, javelin throw). For many decades , Stella was compared to Mildred “Babe” Didrickson and Francina “Fanny” Elsje Blankers-Koen , two of the most famous sportswomen of the 20th century.

Laura Flessel-Colovic ( France ) was one of the best fencers in the early 2000s. At the 1996 Olympics, she won two gold medals. Laura was born in Guadeloupe, an island in the Caribbean. Bruce Crumley, who is a journalist, wrote: “For someone who lunges to glory swathed in a get-up resembling a bee-keeper’s outfit, French fencer Laura Flessel-Colovic has had no problem establishing herself as one of France’s most chic and photogenic sports personalities. Since first grabbing attention with a pair of gold medals at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, she has wowed sports fans with graceful and tenacious swordswomanship, adding three world championship titles to a list of international laurels. Away from her foils, the stunning 29-year-old has enhanced her celebrity status with flourishes of wit and charm that have made her a star with a larger French public that doesn’t know an eppe from its elbow…”

Holland is the birthplace of Inge de Brujin, one of the greatest female swimmers of the 21st century.

The Federal Republic of Germany has never won an Olympic medal in basketball.

Water Polo is one of the most popular sports in Hungary. At the 1974 European Championship, Hungary finished 1st and earning a place at the FINA World Cup. At the1975 FINA World Championship, it won the silver medal.

The Portuguese Republic has many foreign-born sportspersons: Nelson Evora ( triple jump , long jump / world champion / Cape Verde-Africa ), Michel de Sousa Fernades Alcobia de almeida ( judo / Angola-Africa ), Francis Obikwelu ( 100m, 200m, 4x100m / Nigeria-Africa ), Enezaide do Rosario da Vera Cruz Gomez ( long jump / Sao Tome & Principe-Africa ), Helder Ornelas ( 1,500m, 5,000m, 10,000m, marathon / Angola-Africa ), Lucrecia Jardim ( 100m, 200m, 4x100m / Angola-Africa ), Yazaldes Nascimento ( 100m, 200m, 4x100m / Sao Tome & Principe-Africa ), Mario Silva ( 1,500m / Guinea Bissau-Africa ), Jose Luis da Cruz Vidigal ( football / Angola-Africa ), Joao Gomes ( fencing / Cape Verde-Africa ), Jose Bosingwa da Silva ( soccer / Democratic Republic of the Congo ), Luis Carlos Lourenco da Silva ( soccer / Angola-Africa ).

Sweden won the Handball World Cup in 1958.

Football and athletics are two of the most popular sports in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

Robert Tisdall ( Ireland ) won the gold medal in the 400m hurdles at the 1932 Summer Olympics in the United States.

Yugoslavia -currently Serbia- won the first Olympic medal gold medal of its history in men’s basketball in Moscow ’80. In I974, Yugoslavia was second place in the World Championship in San Juan de Puerto Rico. Two years later, the team won the silver medal at the 1976 Olympic Games in Canada.

Sofia (Bulgaria) hosted the FIVB Men’s World Cup in 1970. Final standings:

1.German Democratic Republic ( currently Germany )



4.Czechoslovakia ( currently Czech Republic / Slovak Republic )


6.USSR ( currently Russia )



9.North Korea

10.Yugoslavia ( currently Serbia )




14.Holland / Netherlands











Bulgaria has had many famous sportswomen in the 20th century: Ekaterina Dofovska ( biathlon / Olympic champion, 1998), Jordanka Donkova ( athletics / Olympic champion, 1988 ), Stefka Kostandinova ( athletics / Olympic champion, 1996 ), Ivanka Khristova ( track & field / Olympic gold medalist, 1976 ), Tania Dangalakova ( swimming / Olympic gold medalist, 1988 ).

Great Britain won the gold medal in ice hockey in the Winter Olympics in 1936.

Bosnia & Herzegovina – it is about 2 times the size of Vermont- has never won an Olympic medal.

The Kingdom of Spain has many Olympic champions: Juan Llaneras ( individual points race / cycling ), Fermin Cacho Ruiz ( 1,500m / track & field ), Daniel Plaza Montero ( 20-kilometer walk / athletics ), Martin Lopez-Zubero (200-meter backstroke / aquatics ), Gervasio Deferr ( vault / gymnastics ), Isabel Fernandez ( lightweight 57 kg / judo ), Francisco Fernandez Ochoa ( slalom / alpine skiing ), Miguel Indurain ( individual time trial / cycling ).

The Swiss Confederation sent 27 sportswomen to the 1984 Summer Olympics.

The Most Serene Republic of San Marino -it is one of the world’s oldest republics- has never won an Olympic medal.

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Rurik Gislason of Iceland during the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia group D match be…

Rurik Gislason of Iceland during the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia group D match between Argentina and Iceland at the Spartak Stadium on June 16, 2018 in Moscow, Russia.

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Semi-final: 🇭🇷 Croatia 1 – 1 England 󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

Semi-final: 🇭🇷 Croatia 1 – 1 England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

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